EuroCosplay Championships

Eurocosplay is an international cosplay competition held as part of the London MCM Comic Con (London, England) with the most number of participating European countries. The London MCM Comic Con (formerly London MCM Expo) itself began in 2002, catering at first to a growing sci-fi culture and with the boom in Japanese anime and manga since 2005, has started to deal in all genres within an ever-growing media pop-culture market. MCM originally stood for Movies, Comics and Media.


The Eurocosplay championships started in 2010 and what began as a local Cosplay Catwalk Masquerade quickly became a recognized competition upon opening its doors to international representatives from around the region. The aim of this contest was to raise the profile of cosplay across Europe, and inspire current and future cosplayers to strengthen the cosplay community.


Apart from the championship itself, the weekend also promises to offer a spectacular schedule packed with guest stars, panels, workshops, parties, performances, and exhibitions, all contributing to what has long been the biggest event in the UK cosplay calendar.


The Founders of Eurocosplay firmly believe that craftsmanship in costumes had not been given their rightful recognition, despite it being the key to an accurate, almost artistic, portrayal of the character. Many competitions had been placing too much emphasis on fantastic stage acts, beautiful cosplayers and awesome photography than the actual art in the costume-making process itself.


This competition thus pays homage to those who have invested their time and effort in creating their characters’ costume to utmost detailed, accurate and advanced levels.


Eurocosplay features some of Europe’s best costume-making cosplayers. If your reason for cosplay is in beautiful epic detailed costumes, this competition will allow you to meet like-minded cosplayers from all around Europe to gain the international exposure required, and share each other’s knowledge and skills in the craft. Last year over 40 of Europe’s top cosplayers from 25 different countries took part in the EuroCosplay Championships Final.


The championship also boasts of a prestigious panel of judges. Some former judges include: Gundam Mecha Expert Goldy, CURE President/Web Moderator and Veteran cosplayer Tatsumi Inui from Japan, World Cosplay Summit 2008 Champion Gabriel from Brazil, and’s Jia Jem from the USA.



What is Eurocosplay?

A UK-based international cosplay competition with focus on craftsmanship. Finals are held in the fall period during London MCM Comic Con.


Which countries are taking part?

Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, Romania, Turkey, Russia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Greece


When and where is the Danish preliminary round for the EuroCosplay Championship?

The Danish representative is chosen during the Danish Cosplay Championship (DCC) at J-Popcon. The specific time of the qualification round vary from year to year depending on the convention schedule.


When is the finals?

The final round is held during the autumn edition of MCM London Comnic Con. The dates vary from year to year, but is usually the last weekend of October or the first weekend of November.


Who has represented Denmark in previous years?

J-Popcon (SVScon)

2016 Celina Aagre 

2015 Sarah Juul Wallin  (Emilie Korsgaard Andreasen)

2014 Katrine Moshave  (Amalia Clemmensen)

2013Emma Mai Petersen (Anne Søndergaard)

2012Christina Skamris Andersen(Karina Bremholm Abelin)

2011Anne Sofie Andersen(Mona Winther)

2010Stine Holm Jensen)Anne Søndergaard)


Where can I find more info on the EuroCosplay Championship?

Official website



Where can I ask questions about the Danish Eurocosplay?

If you have any further questions regarding EuroCosplay please send us an e-mail at with EuroCosplay included as the first word in the subject line.