Danish Cosplay Championship

The information on this page outlines the rules and guidelines for the Danish Cosplay Championship (DCC). To give a quick overview of the different categories and the criteria for entering, we've made a quick-chart.


These are the formal rules for the Danish Cosplay Championship (DCC). The rules stated below only apply to participating teams and solo performers. They are not relevant for participants of other cosplay related events or any other cosplaying participants at J-Popcon 2013.

In order to compete in the DCC you must have read and agreed to the rules and terms on this page before submitting your application for joining the show. Registrations that fail to meet the requirements outlined below will be rejected.

There is no strict need to sign up for all the qualification rounds if certain categories do not appal to you. Groups and solo performers who wish to participate in only some of the categories of the DCC need only fulfill the rules for those specific qualification rounds in order to take part in the competition.

New rule concerning withdrawing and quarantine

The last couple of years there has been a great interest in participating in our cosplay shows and we have been unable to accommodate everyone. That's why we see it as highly problematic when performers withdraw in the final weeks leading up J-Popcon (or on the actual day of the show), preventing others from participating because of the short notice. Therefore the following rules will enter into force this year:



Specific for solo

Specific for groups


Costumes and Props

For a quick overview of which costumes are allowed for the respective qualification rounds, we refer to the quick sheet at the top of this page.


Allowed costumes

Exceptions for the WCS






Note that that might be some minor change in the rules at the finals round compared to the qualification round. This would typically be small details if relevant. Please contact us at cosplay@j-popcon.dk with any questions you may have.


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