Danish Cosplay Championship

The information on this page outlines the rules and guidelines for the Danish Cosplay Championship (DCC). To give a quick overview of the different categories and the criteria for entering, we've made a quick-chart.



These are the formal rules for the Danish Cosplay Championship (DCC). The rules stated below only apply to participating teams and solo performers. They are not relevant for participants of other cosplay related events or any other cosplaying participants at J-Popcon 2013.

In order to compete in the DCC you must have read and agreed to the rules and terms on this page before submitting your application for joining the show. Registrations that fail to meet the requirements outlined below will be rejected.

There is no strict need to sign up for all the qualification rounds if certain categories do not appal to you. Groups and solo performers who wish to participate in only some of the categories of the DCC need only fulfill the rules for those specific qualification rounds in order to take part in the competition.

New rule concerning withdrawing and quarantine:

The last couple of years there has been a great interest in participating in our cosplay shows and we have been unable to accommodate everyone. That's why we see it as highly problematic when performers withdraw in the final weeks leading up J-Popcon (or on the actual day of the show), preventing others from participating because of the short notice. Therefore the following rules will enter into force this year:

  • Withdrawing prior to April 1st – no quarantine from next year's competition, even if all your material has been approved.

  • Withdrawing after April 1st – if no valid reason can be provided (e.g. illness or death in the family) the group will be quarantined from next year's competition. The cosplay planning committee has the final say on whether a reason for withdrawing is valid. If no reason is provided the quarantine will be automatic.

  • If the competition slots are all filled before April 1st, the remaining groups who have finished all their material will have the option to be put on a waiting list (if they've chosen this in the signup) and be informed in case a slot opens up. After April 1st, no new groups will be allowed to sign up. This is also the date where all material must be finally approved.




    • Preparing and clearing the stage for the act is limited to 45 seconds. These 45 seconds overlaps between clearing the stage for the previous group and preparing the stage for the next group. Do not expect to have more than 20-25 seconds each for clearing and preparing the stage.

    • Fire, liquids, reactive chemicals and are not allowed. Send us an e-mail and ask if you are planning on something that could be considered any of these.

    • The stage is to be kept clean. Everything must be removable when you leave the stage. This includes confetti, flour, glitter and all others that need to be swept up. Points will be subtracted from your performance score if more time is needed to clear the stage yourself within the allowed timeframe.

    • It is not allowed to include the audience or jury as an active part of the performance.

    • We encourage everyone to be innovative and to try new ideas when joining a cosplay competition. Doing a performance that is too similar to other peoples past perforamances can affect the performance score!

    Specific for solo:

    • Only solo performances can qualify for the solo categories. Individuals from groups will not be taken into consideration.

    • The duration of the performance may not exceed 90 seconds.

    Specific for groups:

    • Group size for WCS must consist of precisly two members.

    • Group size for ECG may consist of two to three members.

    • The duration of the performance may not exceed 150 seconds.


    • All audio including voices must be recording prior to the competition. This is to prevent sudden technical issues affecting the performance as well as make preparation for both cosplayers and stage staff less complex.

    • The recorded track is to saved in .mp3 format and uploaded via the sign-up system. Note that this is the only audio format we accept.

    • Only one track is accepted pr. performance. Make sure everything is mixed and gathered into one audio file before uploading. We do not mix any soundfiles for you during your performance. Make sure everything is okay before uploading!

    • The audio is stopped at the end of the allowed duration of the performance (90 sec solo / 150 sec group). Make sure the audio is mixed and edited for your performance to avoid a sudden cut at the end of your performance.


    For a quick overview of which costumes are allowed for the respective qualification rounds, we refer to the quick sheet at the top of this page.


    • The majority of the costuming and all the essential parts must be made by the participants themselves. Family and close friends are allowed to help out with smaller things and parts of the costumes that are non-essential.

    • Bought costumes are not allowed. Minor, non-essential parts may be bought e.g. ear-rings or small props. Disregarding the rule wil get the soloist/group disqualified.

    • Costumes that have been used for previous competitions are not allowed.

    • All members of a group must be cosplaying from the same series. Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece) and Kurosaki Ichigo (Bleach) are not from the same series and thus not allowed in the same group.

    • Reference photos of the characters are to be attached when signing up for the competition. Make sure that there is sufficient reference material for the judges to work with. Only official designs are allowed, fan-art is not!

    • There might be persons of very young age among the audience. Keep this in mind when looking at costumes. A bit of bare skin and some fancy lace won't hurt, but as they say - everything in moderate amounts!

    • All objects that are not direct parts of the costumes are considered props. If it doesn't stick to your costume, it's a prop.

    • Individual props may not exceed 15kg in weight. This is to comply with the Danish OSH (Occupational Safety and Health) law.

    • There will be no power sockets suppled. If you have anything that requires power, use batteries!

    • Props more than 150cm in length (longest dimension) must be approved by the J-Popcon Cosplay Team.

    • The rules regarding number and size of props may differ from each other and from J-Popcon.

    Allowed costumes:

    • Official designs of characters from anime, manga, videogames, cartoons and comic books are allowed, with no restriction on their origin. Japanese, Korean, Chienese, French, American, Danish, you name it.

    • Official designs of characters from live-action adaptations of anime, manga, videogames, cartoons and comic books are allowed.

    • Official designs of characters from tv-series and movies are allowed

    • Widely recognized fan-based titles such as Vocaloid are allowed. Only titles officially recognized by license holders are allowed! If in doubt, send us an e-mail!

    • Officially published illustrations (e.g. Alan Lee, Sakizou or Thores).

    Exceptions for the WCS:

    • For WCS the chosen cosplay must be based on an anime, manga or videogames with Japanese origin. A Japanese adaptation of a non-Japanese title is not considered Japanese. It is not allowed to cosplay Darth Vader or Disney Characters even if they appear in manga, anime or videogame, as they are not of Japanese origin. Heart no Kuni no Alice is only loosely inspired by Alice in Wonderland and is therefore allowed. Note the difference! If in doubt, send us an e-mail.

    • Only official costume designs are allowed for WCS. Designs based on fan-art are not allowed!


    • Danish weapon law is always in effect, also at J-Popcon

    • Authentic weapons are not allowed, regardless of circumstance and the state they are in (functioning or non-functioning). Even if you have a permit issued by the police or other authority, weapons will not be allowed. Disregarding this rule will lead to a ban and potentially a call to the police.

    • Weapons with realistic looks must be approved of the cosplay team during the preparation meeting on the Friday of the convention. Write us an e-mail if in doubt.


    • Only persons with Danish citizenship or holders of a Danish permanent residency permit are eligible to sign up for the DCC.

    • To participate in any category of the DCC you must have turned 18 years old at the latest by the day of the qualification round.

    • People who work for or in collaboration with a certain international event is barred from entering the qualification round for that given category.

    • Each participating team must have at least one member present at the preparation meeting during the Friday of the convention. This means that all solo performers must be present. Skipping this meeting will result in disqualification. We will make case-by-case exceptions should anything urgent suddenly come up that keeps you from attending.

    • A black back-drop will be made available for your act, if requested in the application. The back-drop has the following dimensions: 2m high and 1.75m wide. The back-drop feature double-sided duct-tape around all the edges. This prop can be used freely but must play a direct role in the performance, e.g. used to make a costume chance, etc. The back-drop can be placed according needs.

    • The show will be viewed by people of all ages. All material used in performances should respect and reflect this.


    Note that that might be some minor change in the rules at the finals round compared to the qualification round. This would typically be small details if relevant. Please contact us at cosplay@j-popcon.dk with any questions you may have.

    J-Popcon cannot be held liable for printing errors or other mistakes on j-popcon.dk, nor can it be held liable for system failure or error, computer virus or other faults that may arise during connection to j-popcon.dk or to other websites linked to j-popcon.dk.