J-Popcon's Cosplay Show

New rule concerning withdrawing and quarantine:

The last couple of years there has been a great interest in participating in our cosplay shows and we have been unable to accommodate everyone. That's why we see it as highly problematic when performers withdraw in the final weeks leading up J-Popcon (or on the actual day of the show), preventing others from participating because of the short notice. Therefore the following rules will enter into force this year:

  • Withdrawing prior to April 1st – no quarantine from next year's competition, even if all your material has been approved.

  • Withdrawing after April 1st – if no valid reason can be provided (e.g. illness or death in the family) the group will be quarantined from next year's competition. The cosplay planning committee has the final say on whether a reason for withdrawing is valid. If no reason is provided the quarantine will be automatic.

  • If the competition slots are all filled before April 1st, the remaining groups who have finished all their material will have the option to be put on a waiting list (if they've chosen this in the signup) and be informed in case a slot opens up. After April 1st, no new groups will be allowed to sign up. This is also the date where all material must be finally approved.



  • Max 2½ minutes for solo.

  • Max 3½ minutes for groups.

  • Group size (incl. helpers) max 5 personer.



  • The cosplayed character must be from a series, game, movie, illustration, etc. A random cat-girl is not considered cosplay in regards to this competition.

  • Recognized, fanbased titles such as Vocaloid, or more known "fan-design" are allowed, but require acceptance from the organizer team. Send us a mail!

  • Official published illustrations (e.g. Alan Lee, Sakizo or Thores). Send us a mail, if you are in doubt.

  • Costumes that have won in previous competitions are not allowed.



  • All sounds and effects are pre-recorded.

  • All pre-recorded music must be gathered in one single file in the format .mp3



  • Danish weapon laws is applicable everywhere in Denmark, also at J-Popcon.

  • Authentic weapons are not allowed, regardless of circumstance and the state they are in (functioning or non-functioning). Even if you have a permit issued by the police or other authority, weapons will not be allowed. Disregarding this rule will lead to a ban and potentially a call to the police.

  • Weapons with realistic looks must be approved of the cosplay team during the preparation meeting on the Friday of the convention. Write us an e-mail if in doubt.



  • Fire, water and chemicals are not allowed.

  • The stage is to be kept clean. Confetti, glitter, flower petals, etc. are, if used, to be gathered and removed by the cosplayer(s) themselves immidiately after their performance ends.

  • It is not allowed to include the audience or jury as an active part of the performance.

  • You must have turned 16 years old at the latest on the day of competition to enter.

  • The show will be viewed by people of all ages. All material used in performances should respect and reflect this.

  • We encourage everyone to be innovative and to try new ideas when joining the show.

  • There will be a max of 20 spots for the show.

  • THe Sunday Show will only take place if 10 acts has signed up by March 1st. If not so, the Sunday Show will not take place, however, there will be 15 additional spot added to the Cosplay Craft competition with priority for the Sunday Show sign-ups.