Danish Cosplay Championship

In 2013 we decided to split our traditional cosplayshow into two separate shows: one for the international qualification rounds and one for cosplayers prefering our usual more down-to-earth cosplayshow. We believe this is the best overall solution as more people can join and it provides a choice for the participants to take part in the show that fit them the best.

The Danish Cosplay Championship (DCC) is your chance to qualify for a spot in some of the largest international cosplay shows out there that doesn't stop where normal competitions do: You get to represent your country, show off your awesome cosplay on an international stage, meet and share your passion for cosplay with people from around the world and get inspired for your next big project.

At the DCC we will select the Danish representatives for 3 of the largest international cosplay shows, Extreme Cosplay Gathering at Japan Expo in Paris, France, Nordic Cosplay Championship at Närcon in Linköbing, Sweden, International Cosplay League in Madrid, Spain, and Cosplay World Masters in Lisbon, Portugal.

The rules for DCC are a bit more restrictive than those for the traditional J-Popcon Cosplay Show. This is not to to hinder you in doing that fantastic idea for a cosplay skit you had in mind, but to ensure that everyone participates under the same conditions and have the same options available for showing their best.

Fair competition is very important to us and is one of the reason we have a tradition at J-Popcon to invite internationally recognized cosplayers from all over the world. Having a judging panel consisting of international profiles with tons of experience, we ensure that the winners will be able to do well, no matter where we send them. At the same time we minimize potential favouritism as no one is old friends with the judges or otherwise know them personally.


Danish Cosplay Championship takes place on Saturday, February 17th, during J-Popcon 2024.