J-Popcon's Cosplay Show

A couple of years ago we created an additional cosplay show for Sunday, where the ambition level did not have to be quite as high as for the DCC on Saturday. There has, however, since we started only be a limited amount of act signed up each year, and it is on theis basis that we have decided to change the Sunday Show with the hope of giving everyone a better experience.

Therefore, we have decided to offer a catwalk competion at J-Popcon, which will be entirely focused on the artisanal aspect of cosplay, without having to act on stage.

Sunday Show

J-Popcon's Cosplay Show, also known as the Sunday Show, is our more traditional show as it were before J-Popcon became host of the various qualification rounds for international cosplay events and competitions. The show welcomes original, funny and alternative ideas and skits, the age limit is lower than for the Danish Cosplay Championship, and close to no restrictions on choice of costumes and props.


The Cosplay Show has returned to its roots and once more become a place for experiments, fancy ideas as well as lots and lots of fun. With less pressure on each participant, the show is well-suited for those who want a down-to-earth competition without the stress of the qualifiers. The show will focus on entertainment and opportunities to play with new ideas and concepts.


This is reflected in the categories of the competition. As we can't predict what kind of new and interesting ideas we'll be seeing on stage, the judges are also given the chance to award their own special prize, if there is something in particular they feel should be given acknowledgement but doesn't really fit into any of the other categories.


J-Popcon's cosplay show takes place on Sunday, February 19th. You can find the sign up under My page.


Categories for J-Popcon's Cosplayshow 2023:

Best Character Portrayal: Awarded for the best and most accurate portrayal of the cosplayed character.

Best Performance: Awarded for the best performance. The judging is based solely on the performance.

Crowd Favorite. The audience gets to choose this one.

(If there is a larger number of acts than the previous years, there may be more prizes added)


Craftsmanship competition

The competition is an ordinary craft competition; this means that there is no need to make a performance of any kind. Just put on your favorite costumes, have a chat with the judges and show off your cosplay on stage!

There will be up to 4 possible different categories with the number determined by the number of participants:

Best Craft. Here, the judges will look at the overall best crafted costume. They will look at the different techniques that are used, how the costume has been crafted and how it sits on the cosplayer. In short: the best costume. In this category, self-made costumes will be prioritized over bought costumes.

Best Look-Alike. Even if the crafting might not be the best of the bunch, then odds are you can still look so much like a character, that it’s almost scary. It can be with the help of make up or how you present yourself on stage.

Best Prop. With a lot of costumes, props help complete the whole look and just add that extra detail, that makes it perfect. And this is exactly why there is a prize for best prop.

Judges Favorite. Sometimes it’s the costume or the person, that just has something totally unique about them, but this might not fit into any of the other categories. Maybe there was a new and alternative technique used or the person had a special charm, just anything that makes the judges want to give this person a prize. This category is kind of a “joker”, where the judges themselves decide on what terms they want to give the prize, if they choose to do so.