Tine J., Denmark


Tine Blaabjerg Jansson is trained Theater tailor and has a lot of experience creating costumes.

She has amongst others sewed several middleage clothes and been a designer and tailer in a production for Ballerup Youth school. Furthermore Tine was part of the creation of the costumes for the theatre play "De 3 lede stjerner" at the Bellevue Theatre this spring. Tine has also earlier made cosplay costumes for others and because of that she has knowledge of cosplay and how to design and sew cosplay and costumes.

Tine can be seen at many of the middleage markets around Denmark, since it is one of her interests. It should also be mentioned that Tine has experience working with alternative materials like foam, plastezone, latex and other materials for special effects.

You can see examples of her costumes in the following document: