J-Popcon's Auction

The Auction has been filled and the catalogue can be viewed here


Here is your chance to buy and sell at J-Popcon 2017

For J-popcon 2017, we will once again arrange an auction for you to buy and sell anime, manga, merchandise, and other items related to Japanese popular culture. More information about time and place will follow.


At J-popcon 2017, we experienced an overwhelming number of people who wanted to sell their items at the auction. As a result of this, we have had to introduce some new restriction, as an experiment, for J-popcons Auktion 2017:


1. A single person may only sell 8 items at the auction. One item can be anything: a single volume of a manga, a whole bundle, a figure, an entire anime-series on DVD, or even just a cardboard box full of manga, anime DVDs, and merchandise. 

The only requirement is that it is sold as a single item, for a single price.


2. We will accept a maximum of 150 items for J-popcons Auktion 2017. Items are accepted on a 100% first-come-first-served basis. If we reach this limit we will update the site to reflect that we no longer accept new items.


3. We will only approve things which have a strong connection to Japanese popular culture. A t-shirt with cute cats, a cool calendar with beautiful landscapes, a pretty dress and similar items will not be accepted.


How do I participate?

If you have items you'd like to sell at J-Popcon's Auktion 2017, please fill-out this form and send it to auktion@j-popcon.dk. This mail should also have photos of each items attached. Details regarding this are written in the bottom of the form. 

The items must be turned in at the WARDROBE Friday after 17:00, but before 19:00. You will receive details on how the items should be seperated and marked in the e-mail you will receive from us, as confirmation that your items have been accepted for the auction.


If you wish to buy something at the auction, please keep an eye on facebook, or our website. We will announce the catalogue of items for sale at the auction 7 days before J-Popcon 2017.


If you have any items that remained unsold for the auction, and which you for whatever reason were unable to take back after the auction was over, please contact auktion@j-popcon.dk.