DR-Games Judge: Sarah

Sept. 18, 2015

An interview of DR-Games judge: Sarah

How did you first encounter cosplay?

In 2006 when I was 13, I saw a commercial for J-popcon in the TV show “Troldspejlet”. They talked about the convention and how these people shared their passion for costumes, comics, video games, movies and theatre. I have always liked to dress up and I was very into cartoons, so I just had to try this. The year after I attended J-popcon in a costume my mother had helped me make. It’s quite some time ago, and I am now 22 and my reasons for cosplaying have changed from when I first started, but it is still so much fun and challenging. 



(Photo by SAKS Photography)


What makes cosplay a unique hobby for you? 

The creative element of it. There are so many possibilities in cosplays! It’s something everyone can enjoy. You can perform, get your picture taken, sew, make armor and so much more.



(Foto af Linda Ponchinda)


Is your education or everyday life connected to your hobby and how?

I am an educated tailor from CPH-West and I have started on my Bachelor program in textiles. My dream is to be a tailor at a theater, so there is a great connection to cosplay! Through cosplay I have gained so much experience by bringing impossible designs to life. What I enjoy most about cosplay, is the creative process. I love to sew, embroider and thinking outside of the box to bring a design to life. It is so challenging, but also so exciting.



(Foto af Kelevar Cosplay)


How would you describe cosplay to a person, who does not know it?

Cosplay is made up by the words “costume” and “play”. There are so many ways to cosplay, but to me it is a bit like being a theater enthusiast. You get to create a performance, record sound, make props and costumes and perform and act on a stge. On top of that, I just happen to love movies, comics, cartoons, video games, books and just beautiful art and designs. Cosplay has no limitations, and it’s a fantastic place to let your imagination roam wild.



(Foto af ModelPhoto.dk)