The conguide 2024 is here!

Jan. 30, 2024

This year's conguide is here! In here, you find a ton of information about the convention from rules, area and event descriptions over VIP guests and cosplay judges to this year's brand new map – and so much more. And we think it has turned out pretty great!

Like last year, you can now also get the conguide online, so you always have it at hand, both as a PDF and a flip version. This is on top of our app, where you can find all of our events, but of course, you can also get it physically as always – but this year, it will cost you 20 DKK to get one. So, you can always get the conguide online for free, but if you want to bring it home as a forever memory, you have to pay a tiny amount; but we think that it's a very decent price for such an amazing design, content, and especially the memory, all of which we have spent a lot of time on to ensure that is absolutely great!

You can downloade the conguide here.

And you find the flip version here here.

Since the programme in the conguide is made with the physical copy in mind, we urge you to look at the programme digitally on its own, which you can find here.

The map, you can find on the last pages of the conguide or download it here in its full, beautiful size, for you to really get to know these well-known, yet knew surroundings.

The mascots on the front are of course designed by The Dusty Leaves, and @amanda_solveig is the graphic designer behind the entire conguide – and we think they both deserve a giant round of applause for their work. You should never forget the skills behind such creative works, so we think they deserve so much praise for what they've done.