This year's T-shirt and hoodie are available for preorder

Sept. 21, 2023

You can now get your hands on this year's convention shirts!

Our T-shirt and hoodie sale is now open! 😍

But again-again-again we have shaken things up! We just got so inspired by Dustyleaves' mascot designs of WingGirl and BatteryBoy that we thought: Those colours, we have to use them! So, as something new, you will not only be able to preorder our T-shirts and hoodies in the usual black colour, but also in green, inspired by this year's colours. 💚 Of course, we are keeping the option of black, but this idea was simply too good. 😍

But there's actually yet another colour to get your hands on, which is the beautiful pink one.💗 So, what about it? Well, it's a limited edition with 10 of each model and can only be won during the convention at different competitions and events! When we get closer to the convention and a finished programme, we will announce what competitions you can win it at, so if this is a colour you want your hands on, keep an eye out for that info!

With the new colours, we have also upgraded the quality of our T-shirts and hoodies. In this way, we ensure the greatest colours and eco cotton for you, our guests. 🥰 A T-shirt costs 199 DKK and a hoodie costs 399 DKK. Both models are unisex, but be aware that they are a bit smaller in their sizing compared to our previous models – if you need a sizing chart, you can find it in the link here.

But in our webshop, you now have the opportunity to preorder these unique pieces of clothing to celebrate J-Popcon 2024 and WingGirl and BatteryBoy's new design, which will grace our T-shirts and hoodies along with our logo and the year of the convention. 🌸

So, follow the link in our description, find your colour and size, and preorder your very own hoodie and T-shirt. Don't hesitate and order your very own 2024 shirts. 🤩

The final print may vary from the shown picture.