J-Popcon 2024: DGI Byen

Sept. 18, 2023

We've made it to another reveal, this time about DGI Byen. With the areas moving to Øksnehallen, what's happening there?


🌸 The old reception area becomes a nice lounge area

🌸 The Lounge (18+) is expanding, doubling its size!

🌸 Karaoke and Manga Lounge stay on the 1st floor

🌸 Tabletop City is moving to the 2nd floor

🌸 Game Room is moving to the 3rd floor!

But what about the Maid Café? What about the big halls, both on the 1st floor and in the bastement?

We got the sad news that the Maid Café cannot be on the 3rd floor. 😢 This is due to some stricter restrictions and we cannot serve food and drinks from there anymore. But, like our cosplayshows, the Maid Café is returning to where it all started! 🌸 They are moving to the nice building Spisehuset, right between Øksnehallen and DGI Byen. It's shrinking, but it also means that our maids and butlers can now give extra time and attention to you! It will be a more authentic experience, and our Maid Café team are already planning how to make it amazing. 🥰

The big halls? They're closing. 😯 Which might be a shock, but it's all for a reason: Now, we can close off the areas around the big stage and its backstage area, which will be in Forsamlingshuset. Then, we can keep a close eye on who's coming and going, while we can make as much noise during the rehearsals without revealing anything. 🥳 Our cosplayers and other event organisers will get more privacy and calm to focus on delivering time after time! ✨

This means:

🌸 You can only enter the old reception area with a wristband

🌸 Access to the stage area will be through the glass doors

🌸 There will be more space for Game Room

🌸 More people can relax in the Lounge (18+)

🌸 There will be fewer seats by the big stage – but room for more than a 1000 people – but we will stream at least DCC to a stage in Øks

🌸 We can make the stage area completely dark during all shows – not just DCC.

So, big changes! It will affect the entire con, but it doesn't change that J-Popcon is still J-Popcon – it's still what we know and love, because it's the same people doing all they can to make it the best ever year after year. 🥰