J-Popcon 2024: Øksnehallen

Sept. 16, 2023

Now is the time for the first post with specific details of the new layout: What is moving to Øksnehallen, now that the big stage is moving to DGI Byen?

Well, let's sum it up here:

🌸 Check-in and the reception

🌸 Dealer Room

🌸 Artist Alley

🌸 Community Corner

Our ØksBar, food vendors, and wardrobe are the only areas staying in Øksnehallen like before. Furthermore, we will get TWO new stages, where we can have all kinds of events. 🤩 These changes specifically mean:

🌸 Our entrance is moving to Øksnehallen. From 2024, your journey through J-Popcon begins at the main entrance of Øksnehallen.

🌸 Dealer Room, Artist Alley, and Community Corner can grow!

🌸 More large event stages! 

We are looking at the plans for the entire area, and we know it will be awesome! So, we hope that you are ready to arrive in front of Øksnehallen on the 16th February to see what we have in store for you – but this is of course only the beginning, because DGI Byen is still just as much a part of J-Popcon. 🥰

And we are working around the clock to make all of this work. This means, among other things, that we are looking at noise levels, seating spaces, prolonging the opening hours of the wardrobe, and much more. Because we want to ensure that this transition runs as smoothly as possible, but with our volunteer powers and huge love for J-Popcon, we are certain that it will all fall into place just the way we want it. 🌸

Since we are currently testing everything, changes might occur, but most of it is set. So, Øksnehallen will blossom and be full of people during the entire J-Popcon 2024! ✨