The Artist Alley sign-up opens in two weeks

Sept. 15, 2023

Hi everyone! We know that you've been eagerly waiting for the sign-up for our Artist Alley 2024 to open. Especially with the new layout that has been announced! 🥰

So, we are happy to officially announce that our Artist Alley sign-up opens:

Friday the 29th September 2023 at 19:00. 🌸

Here, our Artist Alley team will be ready to approve your application as fast as possible. ✨

Remember, to sign up, you must purchase a weekend ticket for J-Popcon 2024 and have registered it on "My page" on the website, otherwise you will not be able to access the sign-up. This year, the ticket will work as a deposit with the possibility to have it refunded after the convention.

Both our rules and FAQ have been updated, and everyone who wants to participate, old as well as new, is asked to read these through for potential changes from previous years.

You can choose to be a solo artist and purchase a solo table for 500 DKK, or you can purchase half a table for 200 DKK.

If you have other artist friends signing up separately, but you still want to sit next to each other, please write this in your application. This year, artists will not pick their spot themselves, but they can wish for whom they want to sit next to.

If you have a helper, remember to write their name in the sign-up, since we need to make a badge for them. You can also send us their name at a later date.

Artists will be approved after first come, first served, and since we were sold out after a mere 10 minutes last year, don't hesitate sending your application. 😉

Artists, who don't get a spot, will automatically be placed on our waiting list in the order of who sent their application first. If an approved artist withdraws, we will contact the first on the waiting list and offer them the spot.

If you do not get approved for our Artist Alley and this was the only reason for attending J-Popcon, we of course offer to have your ticket refunded.

We look forward to seeing all of your again for another amazing Artist Alley! 🌸


Big hugs,

The Artist Alley team