BatteryBoy & WingGirl 2024!

Sept. 5, 2023

 They're here! This year's BatteryBoy and WingGirl are ready! 😍 And this time, they're inspired by city pop and night life, 1980's and 1990's Japan. 💜🌸 Both a fresh and retro vibe at the same time!

This year, they have been designed and drawn by the amazingly talented artist Dustyleaves (which you can find a link to in our description), and we are completely in awe of her designs. 🤩 It's been an absolute pleasure seeing her work and we are so happy finally being able to share the final results with you. 🥰

We are now looking even more forward to J-Popcon 2024 and we hope that you are just as mind-blown because of these designs as we are. ✨

And let us add some more fanastic mascot news: On Friday, our T-shirt and hoodie sale opens, so you can get your hands on this year's unique design of WingGirl and BatteryBoy forever. 😍 So, mark this date in your calendar and keep an eye on our social medias, if you want your own T-shirt and/or hoodie to celebrate J-Popcon 2024 and these amazing mascots! 🌸

Once again, a giant thank you to Dustyleaves for these amazing designs of our beloved mascots. 💜