Big news ahead!

Sept. 5, 2023

While we wait in excitement for the final reveal of this year's BatteryBoy and WingGirl, we can tease you a bit more! Because there are in fact bigger news looming in the horizon, which we have been working on for months now. 😳

We have already hinted at it, but here it comes: At J-Popcon 2024, we will rearrange the otherwise well-known setup of our convention. 😱

Since April, we have been working on optimising how J-Popcon looks, as in which areas go where. For example, you can see a few sneak peeks from our workshop all the way back in May! ✨ At this workshop, we got tons of ideas, and people from different areas at the convention pitched in, which is amazing, because the community and working together are parts of making it all reality. 🥰

Why move around, you might ask? The last few years, we have experienced a booming interest in participating in J-Popcon – and we could not be happier. 🌸 This also raises a number of issues though, such as issues with space. DGI Byen is still the best location in our opinion, which is why we need to work with the surroundings available to us. And we think we have found a good solution ... 👀

We are excited. Very excited. Both to reveal our plans and actually seeing them come to life in February. 🥰 We will begin to roll out the announcements slowly, but hopefully, it won't be long until we can finally reveal everything, all the good details!