Sign up for Idol Festival DK 2024

Sept. 4, 2023

Now you can sign up for the completely new concept at J-Popcon 2024: Idol Festival DK!

You can find the form here.

There are 12 slots available, because sadly we cannot accept everyone. The selected performers will be contacted early November by e-mail containing further information about performance, rehearsal, etc.

Idol Festival rules are as followed:

  • The performance must be a dance performance.
  • Maximum duration of your performance is 5 minutes.
  • A ticket for Friday at J-Popcon 2024 is required.
  • No live singing allowed.
  • Performances from all Asian idol cultures are welcome.
  • The performance must be of an official choreography (unless there is no choreography).
  • Modifying choreography is allowed (example: removing members, accessibility, etc.).
  • You are not allowed to be a member of multiple groups.
  • Costumes are mandatory (but it does not have to be cosplay).
  • Props (ex. microphones) are welcome as long as you/your group are able to handle them yourself. Staff will not be able to help with props.
  • In addition, all of J-Popcon’s general performance rules apply to Idol Fest.

All rules and details are also found in the form, and remember! It is not first come first served, so take your time filling out the application. No rush! And remember to tell us all about your dream performance in great details. ✨

We are super excited to read all your applications, and we can’t wait to light up the main stage Friday at J-Popcon!

Love from the Idol Festival team ❤️