Thank you for this year!

Feb. 21, 2023

J-Popcon 2023 is officially over, and we organisers, trustees, and other volunteers are currently trying to catch up on the lack of sleep from the weekend! Just to relax a bit before it all begins again. 🌸 But while we do so, we can tell you a bit about this year's J-Popcon.

J-Popcon 2023 has been a record-breaking year and we are pretty proud. Out event programme was completely full, the same goes for our areas, filled with dealers, guests, partners, sponsors, and so much more. But there is one record in particular that we have beat, which we are extra proud of. We often talk about how J-Popcon 2016, the Pokémon Year, was the biggest with more than 3600 guests; but as you perhaps saw, we posted about almost being sold out Saturday. We didn't reach this completely, but the Pokémon Year? It's officially beat.

For at J-Popcon 2023, we were more than 4800 guests. Yes, you read that right. We almost cannot believe it ourselves. 😳 The support and interest we've experienced have surpassed all our expectations and it's just so amazing to see how the number of fans of Japanese popular culture in Denmark gets bigger year after year. We are so proud of this community and we are so happy to be a part of it. ❤️

J-Popcon 2023 was organised and run by 45 organisers, 52 trustees, 13 photographers, 85 gophers, and 25 maids and butlers, who all have worked tiredlessly to make J-Popcon 2023 the amazing event that it was. They've put numerous hours into making everything fit both before and during the convention, and it's thanks to them that we, again and again, can have J-Popcon. They deserve the biggest thank you and all the praise in the world to make this possible, so give them a big hand of applause. 🥳

We can always use more people, so send us an email at and keep and eye on our social medias and website, when we announce our staff day, if you also want to spend too much of your freetime being a part of making J-Popcon even better for all other con-goers in Denmark!

On behalf of all our volunteers, we want to say a giant thank you to you, our guests, for an amazing weekend. You are the reason for us to work so hard every year to make J-Popcon better than ever, and even with acute sleep deprivation, we are always full of energy after a weekend in your company in DGI Byen. 🌸

See you in 2024!


Picture by: Lars Jensen