The mascots are returning

Jan. 23, 2023

We are so lucky this year that we will have the honours of WingGirl and BatteryBoy visiting J-Popcon 2023 in real life! We are honoured that the cosplayers Keikai Cosplay and Peanut Photography&Cosplay once again make it their task to make our amazing mascots into reality.

To celebrate this, we have asked them a few questions for you to get to know them better before we begin J-Popcon next month. So read along below!

Interview with the mascot cosplayers Keikai and Peanut


Picture by: Troels Skov

What do you do on a daily basis?

Samuel is studying to become a nurse and Christine works in the shop Selfmade, where she often meets a lot of J-Popcon's creative convention guests.


What motivates you to return to the role as WingGirl and BatteryBoy?

It was an incredibly amazing and overwhelming experience in 2019 to be allowed to cosplay the two sweet mascots. People welcomed us so well and it was a unique experience to be allowed to step behind the curtain in this way and work together with the people making sure that the convention becomes magical.

After Covid, for us and probably many others, it has been hard to get into cosplay again, but this opportunity has given us the perfectly right motivation and joy back again and it's great!


What can people expect when they meet you at the convention as WingGirl and BatteyBoy?

We have waited in excitement for J-Popcon 2023 and we are so ready to nerd it out with all of you! Please do say hi!


Do you have a favourite thing from this year's design made by NadiAxel?

We really love the Japanese inspiration in this year's mascot designs! Nadia is super talented and we look so much forward to brining her design to life! The masks are definitely one of our favourites!


What do you mostly look forward to experiencing at J-Popcon? Is there anything special that you usually look forward to during the convention?

Just to be back at the convention is a joy in itself, but we, of course, always look forward to seeing how creative people have been, both in cosplay and in acts – both the Saturday and Sunday shows are an absolute must-watch for us!

We think we are a lot of people who are finally getting reunited with their friends again at this convention – we certainly are and it is definitely also one of the highlights of the weekend.


Picture by: Troels Skov