The Artist Cannon: LittleHalo Art

Jan. 18, 2023

It's time to introduce the second artist in The Artist Cannon: LittleHalo Art


Name: Michelle Krarup Nyskjold
Artist name: LittleHalo Art
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When did you start making your art?

I started seriously working with my art in the summer of 2017. I got the opportunity to get my own small studio at Kreativt Fitnesscenter in Køge, and from there I started slowly forming my art to what it has become today. The first couple of years I spent on a lot of research and trial and error. Here, five yeras later, I'm still part of Kreativt Fitnesscenter, where I work as my own independent unit as well as a teacher of people of all ages.

Is there anything you especially like to make or something you see as your specialty?

I love all the things I can create from resin. It's a slow process, but it pays off in the end, if you make good friends with it. I would say my specialty is my earrings, perhaps mostly my Pride earrings, which I mostly get remembered/recognised for. Generally, I think that everything I have is my specialty, since I try to have a pretty concentrated amount of stuff with me to make sure that my table is always manageable. Both for myself and my customers. 

How was your first time you participated as an artist in an Artist Alley?

The first Artist Alley I ever went to was at KoyoCon in 2018. The first time I went to Artist Alley at J-Popcon was in 2019. I had chosen to have half a table, because I was not at all convinced that the things I brought with me was something that people were interested in buying. Boy, was I wrong. I had the greatest weekend, I met SO many kind people who has so many good things to say about my art. As the icing on the cake, I was also the luckiest potato and won Craft of the Year for my origami keychains. So you can almost not have had a better start at J-Popcon's Artist Alley. :D

What is the best experience you have had in an Artist Alley?

I feel like I have trumped the best experience each time I go to an Artist Alley and that is mostly due to all the completely amazing people who comes there. Whether you buy something or not. The contact and feedback I get is 95 % of what makes Artist Alley the best experience every time I go. I have a lot of people supporting and helping me and an amazing group of customers who together is the reason why I'm never disappointed of what has happened during the weekend.

Is there a special goal or dream you are working towards with your art?

The mail goal with my art is to be able to live off it one day. It is impossible for me to see myself in another field than being an artist. Thanks to Kreativt Fitnesscenter and the Artist Alleys I go to, I get closer and closer to this goal every year.


We hope you are you looking forward to seeing who the next artist in The Artist Cannon is and to meet LittleHalo Art at J-Popcon 2023 soon!