The Artist Cannon: Hope Hjort

Jan. 18, 2023

As we announced in November, we have started a new concept, The Artist Cannon! Here, we want to make the artists in Artist Alley more visible by "shooting" them forward via our official promotional channels – and during the next few weeks, you will meet three amazing artists that you can meet at J-Popcon 2023's Artist Alley! We have interviewed them all about their art for you to get to know them better before the convention, and we have collected all their social media platforms for you to follow them and their work. 

And that's why we are happy to introduce the first artist in The Artist Cannon: Hope Hjort!


Name: Hope Hjort
Artist name: Hope Hjort (or HopeDope)
Links to social medias:
Corvid’s Eye


When did you start making your art?

I've been drawing all my life. I remember, from when I was little, papers of drawings and doodles across my entire bedroom. Sometimes, my parents put them up on the closet in the office, and I would stare at them for a long time. I found out it was something I wanted to do in my future when I was about 13 years old and heard about The Animation Workshop.

Is there anything you especially like to make or something you see as your specialty?

Birds! I have a giant obsession with birds which I've always had, but after I started working on my webcomic Corvid's Eye, it has been allowed to blossom and has become my niche in the Danish Artist Alley. I'm the person with all the bird stickers! And I carry that badge with joy.

How was your first time you participated as an artist in an Artist Alley?

My first Artist Alley was an experience. I have been behind the table for many years now, so I have to remember what happened. It was around 2013. Back then, it wasn't as common as it is today. We were 7-8 tables pushed to the side in a giant hall and away from the entrance, hard to see for the people running in.

It was the first and only time I shared a table with an old friend. (I have so many things that I take up too much space now!) But the feeling of someone coming over and being interested in something that was mine, something original, something I spent time on. That was a very special feeling. A pride and a joy, which is the reason why I always want to come back.

What is the best experience you have had in an Artist Alley?

The best experience was definitely J-Popcon 2021. The energy during the entire convention was INTENSE. It was the first convention where I had the first part of my comic Corvid's Eye with me. I was really nervous whether people would be interested, but I did not have one moment where I sat still. There was always 1 person by my table during the entire weekend. I was blown away!

Is there a special goal or dream you are working towards with your art?

My dream has always been to live off my work. Off the products I make. Comics, stickers, pictures, you name it. I really want to tell stories that I needed when I was young and pass them on to people who might need them now! It's a steep hill, but I have friends and family supporting me, and I feel that it can happen. Not today, probably not tomorrow. But sometime in the future.


We hope that you are looking forward to meeting Hope at Artist Alley together with all our amazing artists!