International Anime Music Festival is coming to Denmark

Dec. 13, 2022

We love good news when it comes to Japanese pop culture in Denmark, which is why we are so excited to announce this! The 14th May 2023, for the first time ever in Denmark, you will be able to experience some of anime pop's biggest stars, when #kzn, HIMEHINA, MaRiNaSu, GUMI, and LiLYPSe perform as avatars in K.B. Hallen with spectacular light and stage show at The International Anime Music Festival! It will be a true anime grade pop party.

Within the last year, anime pop – known for its catchy songs and beloved and colourful virtual stars – has exploded globally. The biggest names of the genre have millions of followers all over the world and have generated over a billion views via viral hits on social medias like YouTube and TikTok.

The 14th May, you will be able to experience the phenomenon live for the first time here in Denmark, when The International Anime Music Festival comes to Denmark – and they are preparing a unique and extravagant interactive live experience for you. It is the first time that this hyper-modern concert format can be experienced in Denmark, so you can truly expect a unique experience.

The ticket sale officially starts on Friday the 16th December at 10:00 via, but we are happy to announce that a presale will start tomorrow, the 15th December 10:00 – and we have received the link.  So, keep an eye on our social medias tomorrow, when we share this link at 10:00 for you to get your hands on the tickets for the concert already before everyone else. 

The ticket costs between 350-1050 DKK + fee. International Anime Music Festival takes place Sunday the 14th May 2023, and the doors open at 18:00.

You can find a link to the Facebook event here.

Are you looking forward to this? Are you going to experience this true Vocaloid wonder?  If you need further persuasion, you can read more about the five performing artists here:

#kzn: Kizuna AI is one of the world's most popular VTubers (Virtual YouTuber) with more than 4.5 million subscribers, and #kzn is an AI (artificial intelligence) who can sing itself, created from her voice. The International Anime Music Festival is her first worldwide tour.

HIMEHINA: A virtual duo consisting of the energetic and high-pitch singing Hime Tanaka and her opposite Hina Suzuki, known for her soft voice and 'spacey' personality. HIMEHINA are the first VTubers, who simultaneously have been number 1 and 2 in Asia on the popular music app HighReso, and their concerts are ultra popular and sell out extremely fast.

GUMI: One of the most beloved vocaloids (a voice synthesizer application), who since 2009 has published ten albums with more than 100 million views, but who has only just started performing outside of Asia. She recently published the software "A.I. Voice", where fans can make songs with her voice.

MaRiNaSu: A new virtual girl group – consisting of the three energy-filled Rin, Naho, and Subaru – whose high-energy concerts offer cool dance choreographies, awesome vocal harmonies, and wild costume changes throughout the show. The International Music Festival is their international debut.

LiLYPSE: A mysterious pop duo consisting of the twin sisters Mikado and Oboro Akatsuki, who brings the audience into a wild and double-sided dream universe in their concerts – Mikado can be translated into 'sun', while Oboro means 'foggy' and is linked to the moon.