New guest: Line Nordskjold

Dec. 9, 2022

We are happy to announce that you can meet the Danish comic artist Line Nordskjold at J-Popcon. During Saturday, you can hear her tell about her journey from cringy fan art on Tumblr to publishing a comic – and you get to see how you make a comic from start to finish. 

In October 2022, Line Nordskjold published her first comic, Under livet. Here, we follow four gamers – Hjernen, Hjertet, Livmoderen og Fissen – who have to control a game character together from her early childhood to her retirement. But it can be difficult to work together, when the four gamers have different priorities and secret agendas that oppose each other.

Line Nordskjold lives in a forest with her cat (#witchcore). She works as a teacher at Bosei where she teaches Japanese and drawing. She has been a part of the Artist Alley community since 2015 and is a giant nerd in general.

You can also meet Line during the convention at Bosei's stand.