Dec. 8, 2022

It is once again time for yet another Community Corner participant! Again this year, joins us for the entire weekend. Here, you can speak with them about origami and try out the paper art yourself, which they will of course teach you about and help with. 

Origami is an ancient art form which has spread around the world. The word "origami" is Japanese and means paper folding. In its pure form, it is without scissors and glue: Origami is the fingers folding the paper. The fingers are right there and paper is everywhere: copy paper, business cards, newspapers, receipts, serviettes, train tickets, etc. 

So, stop by Community Corner, meet them, and have a chat about what this tradition means and how easy it is to get started. 😄


You can check out Papirfoldning's websites here:



Photo: Thomas Schmidt