New Artist Alley concept: The Artist Cannon

Nov. 21, 2022

Blast your art into the world with J-Popcon's Artist Cannon

The Artist Cannon is a new concept which will premiere at J-Popcon 2023. The goal is to make artists in Artist Alley more visible by "blasting" them forward via our official promotional channels.

As an artist in Artist Alley, you have to apply to be a part of the Artist Cannon. The deadline is Tuesday the 29th November, after which we will choose a small group of artists. We focus on diversity within the art world to highlight the many creative ideas taking place in our Artist Alley. As a contributing artist, you get extra promotion opportunities through J-Popcon's official channels as well as a prize to help you in your future artist career. 

It is only approved artists with a guaranteed spot in Artist Alley that can apply, but for you on the waiting list there will be a new opportunity next year. As an approved artist, you will soon receive an email with information about the application process.


Photo by: Helena Klamer