Betty Zoo Tattoo joins Community Corner

Nov. 21, 2022

It's time to announce yet another Community Corner guest for J-Popcon 2023: Betty Zoo Tattoo!

Betty Zoo is a tattoo and poster store located on Møntergade in central Copenhagen. Five female tattoo artists run the store with a focus on a cozy atmosphere and a safe space mentality. The store is full of calm colours with plants, paintings, and homey furniture, and their customers are primarily women, young men, people with special needs, and everyone on the LGBT+ spectrum – and then they of course make "nerdy" tattoos"! ✨

At J-Popcon, you can meet two of their tattoo artists, Tascha and Isabella. Both their styles are very inspired by pop culture, internet culture, manga and anime, comics, and Japanese culture in general. They describe their style like this:

Tascha's style is very classic and she has a good eye for details. Her own designs have a clear inspiration from old Japanese art such as koi fish, masks, and fans. She is a master of "neo-traditional tattoo", which is the most popular style today.

Isabella's style is more homemade/cozy (if you can call it that). She mostly makes designs based on pop culture, anime, and memes. This includes blackwork, linework and an underground based style called "ignorant tattoos". Besides that, she has a series of duck tattoos and prints which people love.

In Community Corner, you have the opportunity to chat with them about both the tattoo community and pop culture related tattoos and all in between, buy a selection of prints and cards, and see their designs, both "flash designs" and tattoos they've made. You can also book a time for one of their flash designs or get a consultation for a design you want them to make, which is then booked afterwards. This can only be done by showing a valid photo ID showing that you are 18 years old or older – meaning, this is an age-limited offer and it is not possible for people under the age of 18 to book such an appointment. 😊

We love to welcome new members into our community and we are looking forward to seeing what Betty Zoo has to show us! Go check them out on their website and their Instagram.