The cosplay sign-up opens today

Nov. 21, 2022

The day has finally come: At 20:00 o'clock tonight, the sign-up for our three cosplay shows open! So, now it is time to get the finishing details done, before you apply for your spot at Danish Cosplay Championship, J-Popcon's Cosplayshow, Søndagsshowet, and the craftsmanship competition! We in the cosplay group will be ready to approve your applications all night. 

If everyone has everything ready to go (and have checked up on the rules) so everything runs smoothly, then you can have peace of mind faster and some less frayed nerves!

A last few things worth to remember:

- If you have a group of more people, every member must have a ticket for J-Popcon 2023 (and have registered it with the 3 codes under “My Page”) before you can sign up.

- You're only secured a spot in the competition when all material have been submitted and approved by the cosplay group.

- There are 25 spots in DCC, 20 in JCS, and 30 in the craftsmanship competition, and these will be filled by first-come-first-served.

- The cosplay group might take at least a few days to review your submission, so don't panic. There is quite a lot of approval work to be done.

We're looking very much forward to seeing all of the performances that have been prepared for us this year!


Link, DCC 2021: @tinyasuo

Photo by: Thomas Schmidt