Merryweather and Lumi joins J-Popcon 2023

Oct. 31, 2022

Meet two of our guests for J-Popcon 2023: Merryweather og Lumi!

Merryweather is a writer best known for webtoons such as Winter Moon, Clinic of Horrors, and Internet Explorer-Chan. He is the CEO of Merryweather Media, a Japan-Singapore studio, and he's also a vtuber streaming on Twitch! At J-Popcon 2023, you can meet him in our Artist Alley as wel as experience him at events, which there will be more information about later, and he is once again looking forward to guesting our convention. He will be joined by Lumi, a comfy wolf girl vtuber from Finland! As something completely new, you will be able to experience vtuber events at J-Popcon, and we are looking forward to them taking place.

You can find all their social medias here:


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