Danish Kyudo Federation guests J-Popcon 2023

Oct. 14, 2022

Last year, we had the pleasure of having Danish Kyudo Federation in our Community Corner – and now, they are returning for J-Popcon 2023! But this year, you can not only stop by and hear more about the club: As something completely new, they are going to perform this noble Japanese martial art. 

Kyūdō (弓道 orきゅうどう – Way of the Bow) is seen as one of the purest expressions of martial art in Budo. It is the oldest of the Japanese martial arts with deep roots in traditional Japanese culture and etiquette. In contrast to regular archery, kyudo uses Japanese longbows, which are between 212 cm and 245 cm. When training, one wears wide Japanese "trousers" – hakama – and a white shirt – keikogi. The firing of an arrow happens through eight movements called shaho kassetsu.

København Kyudojo Seishinkan was formed in 2010 and with 30 members, they do kyudo in collaboration with international and Japanese associations.

We are so much looking forward to them stopping by and showing all that kyudo has to offer – and we hope that you are ready to experience Japanese culture, try out their equipment, and truly see what they have to offer.

You can visit their website through the link in our description. Here, you can also see a video that they have prepared about kyudo and their club – a definite must-watch!