The cosplay sign-up is in a week

Oct. 11, 2022

Now, there is only one week left until the sign-up for our three cosplayshows opens! On Friday the 4th November at 20:00, it's all going down, when you can sign up for both Danish Cosplay Championship, J-Popcon's own cosplayshow, Søndagsshowet, and the craftsmanship competition

Do you, either yourself or with a friend, have an act ready and do you want to participate in the opportunity to win access to one of our three qualifications, NCC, ECG, or WCS? Then, Danish Cosplay Summit is for you! Perhaps you just want to perform like in the good old days, no international qualifications, but just as awesome a show?Well, then sign up for Søndagsshowet! Or maybe you're just amazing at sewing and crafting and want to try standing on stage and showing off your skills, perhaps even go to Austria for our new craft qualification, ToC? Then, sign up for our craftsmanship competition!

There is something for everyone and we are looking so much forward to seeing all your amazing takes on acts and cosplays which will light up the stage in Øksnehallen in February. 

Remember to read the rules for the different shows before you apply, whether you have tried it before or it's your first time. 

We are so ready – are you? 


Link, DCC 2021: TinYasuo
Photo by: Thomas Schmidt