Gopher registration opens in a week

Oct. 11, 2022

It's finally time! In a week, on Tuesday the 1st November at 12:00, the gopher registration finally opens! And if you are not already waiting for this piece of news, but you would like to know more about what it means to be a gopher at J-Popcon 2023, read on.

To make J-Popcon run smoothly, we, like always, need an amazing team of volunteers, and as a gopher you are an integral part of that team! You get to come behind the scenes, wearing your very own orange T-shirt, while you help make 2023 the best J-Popcon ever!


What you get for being a gopher: 

- Free access to the entire convention area.

- Free dormitory tickets.

- Free lunch Saturday and Sunday.

- This year's gopher T-shirt for you to own forever.

What we expect of you:

- That you have turned 18 years old before the convention starts.

- That you can take shifts for a minimum of 10 hours combined throughout the weekend.

- That you are helpful and responsible as well as have a positive attitude to make J-Popcon the most amazing experience for everyone.

- That you can provide a clean "børneattest", which we will get in collaboration with you.

- That you pay a deposit of 250 DKK that you will be paid back just after the convention.


If this sounds like something just up your alley, and you meet all of our expectations, click on this link, where you choose to apply as a gopher as soon as the registration opens next week.


We are looking forward to all the applications!

/ The Gopher Team


Photo by: Helena Klamer