Game Room is updated!

Oct. 4, 2022

We have shaken things up and changed our layout. This means that our Game Room will be reinvigorated and moved to the 2nd floor. We will also have some new initiatives, since we will now have more rooms to game in.

A selection of these are:

· Guitar Hero Stage: Gather your friends, start a band, and get a nostalgia trip with our Guitar Hero setup! Be prepared for your fingers lighting on fire, for we have both guitar, bass, and drums to go crazy on!

· Pokémon Corner: Bring your handheld console and relax in our Game Room, when we open the doors to Pokémon Corner! Find people to trade, battle, or just talk to, while the Switch, DS, or perhaps the old-school Game Boy is on.

· Yokai Hours: When the night approaches, we are ready to put on the scary games. If you want to feel your blood freeze or prefer to see other people going through it, stop by Game Room during the night. 

So remember! When you want to relax and get all square-eyed, it's on the 2nd floor it happens at J-Popcon 2023.