Artist Alley 2023 is sold out!

Sept. 17, 2022

Wow, we're completely overwhelmed!  Despite a slightly bigger location and a few more available tables, our Artist Alley 2023 was completely full after about 5 minutes!! Yes, you read that right! Artist Alley 2023 is COMPLETELY full and we're ecstatic about the huge interest. Especially the huge interest in solo tables! We have very few sign-ups for half tables, which also plays a role in how fast we filled up! We are looking forward to seeing all the people, new and old, and to make 2023 the best Artist Alley ever. 

If you haven't received a reply about your sign-up yet, we unfortunately have to announce that you did not make it into our Artist Alley 2023. Though, those who have not yet gotten a reply will automatically get a spot on our waiting list. The sign-up is still open though, if you want to enter our waiting list.

Due to the overwhelmingly huge interest, we're currently trying to move tables around to see if we can squeeze in a few more tables. This has to be sent to and approved by DGI Byen first though, before we perhaps get the chance to accept a few more sign-ups.

These spots will be offered to those on the waiting list first, but to get as many as possible in, these possible extra tables will only be offered as half tables, not as solo tables. So, you have to be signed up as a pair or be willing to accept half a table.

If you're next on the waiting list, have signed up for a solo table, and don't want to accept only half a table, we will ask the next one in line and offer them the table, and you will keep your spot on the waiting list. If an approved artist withdraws, we will contact the first one on the list and go on from there.

You are, of course, also welcome to write us an email if you want to know what number you are on the waiting list.

If your only purpose at J-Popcon is Artist Alley and you did not get approved, you can of course get a refund for your ticket. This will also remove you from the waiting list.

- J-Popcon's Artist Alley team