Artist Alley sign-up is open

Sept. 16, 2022

Now, our official sign-up for Artist Alley 2023 is open and we are happy to be able to welcome both new and old!

Like last year, you hve to have bought and registered a J-Popcon weekend ticket here on our website before you get access to the sign-up system. If you are one of the few who gets rejected, because we deem that you do not fit the purpose of Artist Alley or that the quality of your stuff is not good enough, you can of course get a refund for your ticket, if you do not want to attend J-Popcon anymore.

Apply to our Artist Alley here.

Log in and register your bought ticket here.

In terms of where you want to sit, you will each be contacted by us via email and offered to choose your spot on our table plan on a first come, first served basis based on your sign-up. Remember to write it in your application if you have friends signing up spearately with whom you'd like to sit.

So, make sure that you e-mail adress is correct and remember to check it regularely.

Also, remember to fill out your size for you to get this year's Artist Alley T-shirt!

If you are approved, remember to read the email properly in terms of sending us information to promote you on our website, if you wish to participate in this.

Thank you so, so much for the overwhelming attention, we're looking so much forward to seeing you and making another amazing Artist Alley!!

Photo by: Celine Haakon