This year's T-shirt and hoodie are now available for purchas

Aug. 17, 2022

You can now get your hands on this year's convention shirts!

With the reveal of WingGirl and BatteryBoy's new looks for J-Popcon 2023, you now have the opportunity to pre-purchase both the classic T-shirt as well as a hoodie, both adorned with the mascots and our logo. Both are unisex models and come in a ton of different sizes for both children and adults, so the entire family can celebrate J-Popcon 2023 in style!

A T-shirt costs 100 DKK, while the hoodie costs 260 DKK. Both can be pre-purchased through our shop like tickets for the convention as well as our dormitories. You can pick up the shirts during the convention in our VIP check-in.

The final print will vary from the previewed picture in the shop, but it will match the print of the last few years.