WingGirl and BatteryBoy are ready for 2023

Aug. 16, 2022

This year's mascots are ready: WingGirl and BatteryBoy anno J-Popcon 2023!


Mascot artist: Nadiaxel

They're finally here! WingGirl and BatteryBoy are ready for J-Popcon 2023 inspired by the ghosts and demons of Japanese folklore. They are designed and drawn by the amazing artist Nadiaxel, and we are simply ecstatic about what she has created. It has been so difficult to keep them a secret, but it's amazing to finally be able to share her fantastic take on our mascots with you!

Specifically, WingGirl is inspired by Yurei and is also wearing a hannya mask, while BatteryBoy is a Tengu inspired oni, who carries a spirit catcher with him.

We are looking so much forward to J-Popcon 2023, and our new mascots only make it even better! And we hope that you are just as excited about them as we are.

Remember, you can already now get your hands on your own T-shirt and hoodie with this year's WingGirl and BatteryBoy. You find them in our shop in a ton of different sizes!