Artist Alley Update

June 21, 2021

Hi everyone

We know that a lot of you have waited with anticipation on news on Artist Alley 2021, and now we have something to tell you!

All approved participants for 2020 have received an email about a week ago about getting on a 1st priority list. They have the opportunity to let us know in advance if they want to participate in 2021 and secure their spot for this year's Artist Alley. The waiting list for 2020 is no longer existing and a new waiting list for 2021 will be made.

If you were an approved participant in Artist Alley 2020, but have not yet received an email, please write us as quickly as possible on

2020 participants have until the 30th June to let us know if they want to participate in 2021. If we do not hear from the artists before that, they will no longer be able to get on the 1st priority list and will have to apply on the same terms as every other new artist.

The number of tables offered depends on how many from 2020 deregister. If everyone reapplies, we will not have any tables to offer new artists. All this will be announced when we knew how many spots we might have left. All 2020 artists still have to apply via the application sheet on the website, but they will be secured their table in advance, if they are on the 1st priority list. The waiting list will be made by the new artists also applying via the sheet, and if there is a vacant spot, the first on the list will be offered it.


When you apply for Artist Alley, you had to pay a deposit on 300 DKK, which would be refunded when the convention ended. This was to ensure that people didn't sign up and then didn't show up during the convention, thereby taking another potential artist's spot. It has now been decided that the deposit will be removed and will not have to be paid in the future.

On the contrary, we have also offered that you could get half a table for free, as long as you had a valid J-Popcon weekend ticket as well as the possibility to pay 300 DKK for a solo table. It has now been decided that we can no longer offer free tables and artists will have to pay to participate in Artist Alley besides a valid weekend ticket for J-Popcon. Everyone who has half a table will have to pay 150 DKK because of this to keep their spot. This also applies to the 2020 artists, which was announced in the email sent to them.

Best regards
The Artist Alley team

Photo: Kasper Jacobsen