WingGirl & BatteryBoy 2020

Jan. 5, 2020

WingGirl and BatteryBoy's new design are now ready for J-Popcon's anniversary 2020!

As always, we have made sure that BatteryBoy and WingGirl have a new look in the occasion of the annual theme, which this year celebrates our 20th anniversary! It's all about J-Popcon this year, since it's now 20 years ago that we held the first ever J-Popcon back in 2000 in Valby Kulturhus. It was the start of an era, which BatteryBoy and WingGirl was a part of as well, so what would be better than refining the old designs from back then?

This year, it's the talented neli.draws (, who has taken BatteryBoy and WingGirl on a journey with her amazing drawing skills! With the inspiration from the designs below, the original designs of the mascots, she has dressed them to celebrate their own 20th birthday, and we could not be happier with the result!



We hope that you care just as much about our lovely mascots as we do and just love Neli's amazing 2020 design. BatteryBoy and WingGirl is an amazing part of J-Popcon's history and we wouldn't be without them. We are looking more and more forward to May!