Cosplay de UMIGOMI Zero AWARD

Oct. 22, 2019

In collaboration with The Japan Foundation, World Cosplay Summit has launced a new campaign, Cosplay de UMIGOMI Zero AWARD, to put focus on protecting the oceans.

The issue with ocean waste is a continuing problem worldwide. It is said that the amount of marine litter, mainly plastic, will exceed the number of fish in the ocean by 2050, and that is why we need to react as soon as possible. For this reason, WCS wants to recruit cosplayers from all over the world, who participate in activities focusing on reducing marine litter, or create costumes that are respectful to the environment. The goal is thus to protect and clean our oceans through a joint effort from cosplayers everywhere!

You can participate in two categories: Action Category and Costume Category. The first focuses on activites and initiatives focusing on marine litter, such as activites to reduce marine litter or initiatives to raise awareness about marine litter. The second focuses on submitting recipes for costumes from cosplayers, who are aware of the reduction, reuse, and recycling of waste that would otherwise end up as marine litter, such as methods for creating costumes that reduce the amount of waste, or the creation of costumes of recycled materials.

The registration period runs from 1st October 2019-31st March 2020, and the first prize is 1 million yen to finance the activities. 

You can read more about the project, prizes, and registration on the official website and Cosplayers.Global:

We hope that the Danish cosplay community will be interested in this project and we cannot wait to see what will happen in the end!