The ticket sale for 2020 starts on Friday

July 10, 2019

Yes, you read that correctly! Already on Friday 12th July at 12:00, we are opening the ticket sale for J-Popcon 2020, which takes place from May 22nd to May 24th. Not only that, but by buying a weekend ticket, you automatically participate in a draw of five lucky winners, who will get the entire ticket price refunded! The competition doesn’t end until 1st September, so everyone purchasing a weekend ticket before then are in.

The prices will be the same as this year, meaning 399,95 DKK for a weekend ticket, 149,95 DKK for a Friday or Sunday ticket, and 249,95 DKK for a Saturday ticket.

But we’re not finished yet - on top of this, we are also opening the dormitory ticket sale on Friday! The dormitories stay at Rysensteen Gymnasium just like this year, and since we have already secured the facilities, we don’t see a reason to wait with the tickets! This year, the price will be 225 DKK for a dormitory ticket, but since we’re so excited to be able to open the sale already, they will cost 200 DKK until 1st September.

You can read more about our dormitories and their rules here:

September is also the time where we open for seat reservations at DCC 2020 - since we are so excited about it that we cannot wait, the sale opens on the 2nd of September. Because of that, the five winners in our ticket competition will also win two seat tickets for DCC, which they can choose from 1st September - before everyone else, so they can secure the best seats!

All the tickets, except the seat tickets for DCC, will be for sale on our website:

We’re already looking forward to 2020, and we hope that you’re just as excited as us!