This year's theme is Modern Tokyo

July 5, 2018

We at J-Popkai have had our start-up meeting, and next year's theme has been decided. After a number of years focusing on specific genres of anime, we thought it was time again to focus on a specific, real-world time period. We hope this time to activate our theme even better and help our visitors get a better understanding of the real Japan with the theme "Modern Tokyo".

The idea of "Modern Tokyo" is exactly as it sounds: To restore the mood of Tokyo in the 21st century in DGI-byen as far as possible. As something new, we will have specific theme areas inspired by the more well-known districts in Tokyo, for you to be able to really feel the theme. What areas and districs will be revealed, when we get closer to the convention, so keep an eye out for our theme updates! We will also have many events focusing on modern Japan, and what kind of place it is. Modern Tokyo is an incredibly diverse place, with ancient temples right next to modern high-rises, and we aim to recreate this diversity at the convention.

For cosplayers who want to help us follow the theme, this means that there are plenty of options. Popular anime such as Steins;Gate, Love Live, K-On, Kimi No Na ha (Your Name) and many others fit perfectly with the theme, which generally gives an incredibly high degree of freedom to choose the anime one likes best, and still follow the theming of the convention.

For those of you who have not yet bought a ticket, it is still possible to participate in our competition for 2x2 amazing VIP tickets if you hurry.
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We look forward to seeing you at J-Popcon 2019: Modern Tokyo!