Rent a locker at J-Popcon

April 16, 2018

This year we are offering the chance to rent a locker during J-Popcon!


They can be accessed during the whole convention unlike our wardrobe, which is closed during nighttime, and you will avoid the queue.
There is a total of 118 lockers - each locker has following measurements;
width: 30 cm, depth: 39 cm and height: 55 cm.

Each locker costs DKK 125,- to rent during the convention + DKK 75,- deposit for the key - the key can be picked up at the reception.

The payment can be done online or at our check in. When paying online, the deposit will be repaid after the convention. When paying at our check in, the deposit will be repaid when the key has been returned.
The lockers are placed in the reception-area in CPH Conference - the place called 'Check-In' on our upcoming map.