Remember to bring your ticket to J-Popcon 2018!

April 17, 2018

Important information about tickets
and admittance to J-Popcon

Remember to bring your ticket to J-Popcon!

Unlike previous years, tickets are no longer personal.
Therefore, we cannot simply find your ticket in our system by searching on your name and address as we could in previous years.
This means that you *have* to bring your ticket to J-Popcon in order to get your festival bracelet and be admitted into the area.

Your ticket was included on the invoice you received when you made your purchase.
The invoice with the ticket was also sent to the email address you provided with your purchase. You must either print the invoice and bring it along, or show it to us on your smartphone. It is your personal responsibility to bring your ticket to J-Popcon.

If you have lost your invoice, you can write to Then we can resend the invoice to the email address that was registered at the time of purchase. Remember to check that you have your invoice with you, one week before J-Popcon at the latest.