J-Popcon Moods 2017 winner

May 3, 2017

This year the winner of J-Popcon Moods was Linnea Toftegaard , who won a free membership for J-Popcon 2018, with her awesome drawing of J-Popcon as a space station, in a not too distant galaxy. Linnea herself explains a bit further about her drawing:

"I'm imagining, that EOS J-2X17 is a space station filled with all the good things from J-Popcon and the different beautiful experiences that space represents.
My idea behind the drawing was that certain elements in the drawing should represent the most awesome things about J-Popcon.

Artist Alley is the many drawings. The plushies, hanging by the window, represents all the cute fluffy things from the Dealer Room. The same does the drawing of Pocky. The drawing of the sword from The Legend of Zelda represents the Game Room. The drawing to the right with all the girls, represents fun with your friends. And finally there's anime at J-Popcon, that can be seen through the drawing of Luffy's hat and the Pokemon items, that can be seen in a couple of places ^_^

All of it of course had to be in a space station, with a beautiful view, that one can look forward to look at, just like you look forward to J-Popcon each year."