Book a seat for DCC on Saturday

April 9, 2017

Every year Danish Cosplay Championship is held at J-popcon. The growing interest in the show, and thus the wish to get the best seats, has created an incredible line several hours before the actual show.

This year we have expanded the number of chairs, so hopefully there should be a seat for everyone.
In addition, we offer you the possibility of reserving a specific seat for the show for the great amount of all of 10 kr.
Thus, you are guaranteed a place at the show, and you know exactly which one, so you do not have waste time in queues, but can enjoy the rest of J-popcon up to the show! Maybe even have time to enjoy one of our food stalls beforehand, so you do not have to sit the entire show with a rumbling stomach ;)

So hurry in and find your "DCC Reservation code" on as this code gives you access to book one seat for DCC on Saturday at J-Popcon. You will also find the link to the booking site there. If you would like to sit together with one or more of your friends, you must make sure to each order at the same time while you keep track of which sites you each choose.

Remember that you must have purchased a J-popkai membership here on our site to get access to J-popcon and to Danish Cosplay Championship. This is just a seat ticket to the show - no access to the show itself or the rest of J-popcon.

If you have any problems related to the booking system/signup please write directly to