The signup for DCC is open

Jan. 22, 2016


The wait is finally over for the cosplayers whom wants to cosplay in Danish Cosplay Championship at J-Popcon!

Representatives will be chosen at DCC for the following international competitions:

  • China Cosplay Super Show (CCSS) - Kina 
  • Eurocosplay Championship (EC) - England
  • European Cosplay Gathering (ECG) - Frankrig
  • World Cosplay Summit (WCS) - Japan

You can read more about each competition under "Cosplay"->"International Qualifications".

The rules for participation in DCC can be found under "Cosplay"->"Rules and Guidelines"->"Danish Cosplay Championship".

The signup is through "My Page". When a membership has been bought, the opportunity to sign up will be shown under one's page (all members of the participating group must have purchased a memebership in order to be able to signup). The following have to be submitted in order to sign up:

  • A manuscript with wishes for light
  • Sound file
  • Reference picture of the characters that are being cosplayed (in fairly good quality. Remember that it has to be printed out to the judges and are also going onto a big screen)
  • Normal profile picture of the participants in normal clothing (also in good quality, also have to go up on the big screen)
  • Details about backdrop and props, if this is being used.

OBS, a spot in the competition has only been secured when everything has been sent in and been approved by the cosplay group.