Artist Alley 2018 bordplan


Artist Alley 2018 Table Plan

We reserve the right to make changes / Vi forbeholder os ret til ændringer.

Newest list of which tables are taken can be seen here:


Table 01-03: Info table
Table 04: Nat Arts&Crafts
Table 05A: Whale
Table 05B: Jetber
Table 06A: Vellstix
Table 06B: KulPlant
Table 07: Fur Delicious
Table 08A: Lovable Loser
Table 08B: CraftySandra
Table 09A: Lykkelilje
Table 09B: Jacqueline
Table 10-11: Eccentricity
Table 12A: Lemogera
Table 12B: VernilleArt
Table 13-15: Artist Alley Budz
Table 16: Shovel
Table 17: nmjichigo_art
Table 18: Christina Ramskov
Table 19: Studio!Wackart
Table 20: Cosplay Judges
Table 21A: yondoloki
Table 21B:
Table 22A: BoneSparrow
Table 22B:
Table 23A: CiLundi
Table 23B: Zarory
Table 24: Key Jewelry
Table 25: GalaxyWik
Table 26A: purutsukid
Table 26B: camilla.l.ring
Table 27: LOF skolen / Christina Tefcke Pedersen
Table 28-29:  Howling Riot
Table 30-31:  Nosebleed Studios
Table 32A: Yuzuha
Table 32B: Maruge
Table 33A: Tea House
Table 33B: Ryuu Pham
Table 34A: KS-Claw
Table 34B: Neli.draws
Table 35A: Nadiaxel
Table 35B: Yassa
Table 36:  Kimmie Kawauchi
Table 37:  Druli Doodles
Table 38:  Studio Dhuppi
Table 39: Mayonnaise in Spring
Table 40A: Furva Noctua
Table 40B: CecilieQ
Table 41A: Ra's Art Ghul
Table 41B: Ashrael
Table 42A: LittleHybrid
Table 42B: Shiro Tora
Table 43A: Sqwabblers
Table 43B: Wingdiing
Table 44A: Thaissing
Table 44B: Setsu-The-Yena
Table 45A: KatheChan Neko
Table 45B: Tessum
Table 46A: CassadraChan
Table 46B: Esper
Table 47: Nat-Chan
Table 48: by Tamtu
Table 49A: Oller
Table 49B: Aobasdramaticalbooty
Table 50: DarkShadowBlood
Table 51: Yummy Suika
Table 52: ABammator
Table 53A: Sidselart
Table 53B: Sigridcreates
Table 54A: MariLatte
Table 54B: RUDE Embroidery
Table 55: KW
Table 56A: RialyArt
Table 56B: Papercutzz
Table 57A: Art by Juno
Table 58: Envoysoldier Art
Table 59A:
Table 59B:
Table 60- 61: Team Challenge
Table 62A: Gamibun
Table 62B: Starchild