Recruiting: Idol members for dance event

19. Februar 2017

(English only)

This year J-Popcon will be having a Japanese "Idol" dance event!

It will be a dance and singing performance imitating Japanese Idols. This kind of performance is called ”Copydance” in Japan, as seen here.

What we are looking for:

- People who love or are interested in Japanese Idols.

- People who can attend J-Popcon in Copenhagen, April 21st-23rd.

- No requirements for dancing or singing skills!!! All you need is the wish to try and have fun XD

- You don’t have to live in Denmark, as practice will be done individually using videos of Idols and SNS. What you need, is to want to be an Idol!

Moe Kaneko is an exchange student from Japan, who is currently studying in Denmark. She will be our Idol in charge of the group =)

If you’re interested in joining the Idol Dance Group, or perhaps have any questions about detail, please contact Moe for answers or to sign up:



Application deadline: 22/02/2017