Photographer at J-Popcon

At every J-Popcon, we need someone to take pictures and videos of our shows, events, guests, and atmosphere. If you love to photograph and want to experience Japanese popular culture up close, you have the opportunity to apply to become an official photographer at this year's J-Popcon.

This is what you get for being a photographer at J-Popcon:

  • Access to the Staff Lounge. 

  • Free access to the entire convention area, unless signs or information state otherwise.

  • Free lunch Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, if you wish.

  • Your very own J-Popcon T-shirt.

  • Your pictures and video will be shared and credited both on our Facebook page, Flickr, and our website (as well as possible).

  • The opportunity to walk around and enjoy the convention itself. :)


What we expect of you: 

  • You are above 18 years of age.

  • You have read out general photo and video rules, our rules specifically for photograhers, and the Personal Data Act (here in Danish).

  • You are happy, open-minded, and behave nicely towards our guests.

  • You keep the agreements made at the event itself.

  • You take som great photos of our event.

  • You have a clean child certificate, which we will procure from the authorities with your help.


How you apply: 

  • Log into our staff system.

  • Choose "photographer".

  • Fill out the application and wait.
    Be aware that it can take up to 7 working days before your application is proccessed. 

    Behaviour during J-Popcon

    J-Popcon is a family-friendly event where we expect that all of our photographers are part of giving our guests a good experience.

    Therefore, you agree to behave yourself well towards all of our participants and guests regardless of their faith, background, or opinions.

    You always have to ask the guests if you can take pictures of them. Most are happy to pose in front of your camera.

    You have to respect the cosplayers who do not want their picture taken. Remember, no means no. You cannot pressure people into saying yes.

    When you are wearing a J-Popcon T-shirt, you are working and you must not be affected by alcohol or drugs. (You can enjoy one beer outside of your shift, if you take off your shirt.)

    We expect that you keep to the work schedule you will be given. Please arrive some time prior to the event start.

    If you are in doubt about your assignments or other, contact your closest photographer leader. If you cannot find your leader, go to the Information and ask them for help.

    If you think you cannot keep to your schedule, speak to your photographer leader for you to covered by another photographer.

    J-Popcon always need pictures of people enjoying the convention, so consider taking pictures of the audience at shows, in Dealer Room etc., a lot of pictures of the general atmosphere.


    Remember not to stress, you also need to have a good experience.
    Remember to wear a good pair of shoes, you will be walking for many hours.
    Remember to eat and drink enough.

    If you are chosen as a photographer

    First of all, congratulations and thank you for your help.

    You have to pay 250 DKK as a deposit which you will get back after J-Popcon, when you have turned in your pictures like agreed.

    The payment happens through our volunteer system on

    You will only be registered as a photographer in our system as soon as we have approved your payment.

    Work schedule:
    You will receive your work schedule on the email adress that you have registered in your application, no later than two days before J-Popcon's official first day of event.

    You are responsible for having your work schedule on you during  J-Popcon.
    We suggest that you print your work schedule or have a copy on your phone, since you cannot have your work schedule printet at J-Popcon.

    Before and after J-Popcon, we ask you to communicate with us on this email address:

    During J-Popcon itself, we ask you only to contact your photographer leader as they are the one responsible for you.

    You are welcome to contact your photograher leader during J-Popcon via the Facebook group, email, text, or a phone call. We prefer that you first try to find them. You will often be able to locate a leader in the Staff Lounge or by asking the volunteers in the Information.

    The week leading up to J-Popcon:
    Make sure that your gear is ready  there is nothing worse than having empty batteries or a full memory card on the day of the convention.

    Make sure to have some snacksand water in your bag, as there might be some distance to the nearest food vendor/kiosk.

    Turning in your pictures and video:
    During J-Popcon, at the end of each day, before you leave the convention area, you have to turn in all the jpeg pictures you have taken during the day to your closest photographer leader. You have to do this before you leave.

    As a photographer at J-Popcon,you must deliver a minimum of 150 useful pictures after the convention has ended. These photos must reflect all the tasks you were given during J-Popcon. Therefore, you must not leave out pictures of an event you have covered as a photographer.

    We accept a maximum of 1000 pictures pr. photographer. So try and avoid sending too many similiar pictures.

    As a videographer, we expect that you deliver the following:

    • 1 highlight video of the entire J-Popcon. Video length: max. 20 minutes.
    • 3 event videos, one for each day of J-Popcon. Video length: max. 10 minutes.
    • 1 commercial video. Video length: max. 5 minutes.

    All pictures and videos must be delivered no later than three weeks after the last day of J-Popcon.

    After J-Popcon has ended and you are ready to send your pictures, we ask you to follow the guide Guide: How to send in your photos.


    Facebook & Slack

    First year photographers will receive general information via the Facebook page j-popcon fantastiske fotografer.

    Photographers who have attended J-Popcon for two or more years will become a part of J-Popcon's internal Slack system. If you want this, send an email to

    Options for dormitory

    We offer free dormitory tickets to our official J-Popcon photographers, but it is the responsibility of the photographer themselves to let us know that they wish to stay in our dormitory. You can choose to add this in your application as a J-Popcon photographer.

    If you apply late to become a photographer, we might not have any more dormitory tickets, so apply in advance.

    If you need to make a change in your application about a dormitory spot, please send us an email at or in the Facebook page j-popcon fantastiske fotografer.

    Pictures and credit

    If you have a lot of nearly identical pictures, it is fine if you sort through them and only send one.

    The resolution of your pictures should be at least 2048p on the longest side, but it can also be larger if possible.

    The resolution of your videos should be at least 1080p on the longest side, but it can also be larger if possible.

    Pictures will be on our Flickr account, where you will be credited.
    When we use your pictures on our social medias (such as FacebookInstagramTwitter) or our website when posting news and announcements, you will be credited by text.

    Videos will be looked through and assessed by J-Popcon, since we cannot guarantee that we can use them. We will of course credit all videos in the same manner as pictures when we publish them on our social medias.

    With that said, it is not everything you can be credited for. An example is our website banner, where it is not possible to credit the photographer in question.

    We will try and credit your as much as absolutely possible, but we cannot credit your in everything. If this is a big issue, write to us at, then we will try to figure something out together.