Cosplay mascots interview

Jan. 15, 2019

Mascot interview with KeiKai Cosplay and Peanut Photography&Cosplay

Maskot interview - photo 1 Addam Ziggy Spiegelhauer, J-Popcon 2018

What’s your occupation?

Christine: Ordinarily, I’m juggling two jobs and an education on the side. I’m studying Textile Design, Handicraft, and Communication at University College Copenhagen. Here, I’m taking an education in textile crafts with a focus on clothing, design, textile printing, and embroidery.
Sam: I don’t have as many balls in the air as Christine. I’m studying to become a care assistant and have a job in home care on the side.

How long have you cosplayed?
Both of us have been active in the cosplay community since 2010. Every year since then, we have visited J-Popcon and a few other Danish conventions. We haven’t competed together (we have a few planned, though), but Christine participated in J-Popcon’s Sunday Show and Craftsmanship in 2016 and 2017.

Websites (links)

(By now, we use Instagram more than Facebook, but it depends on the convention season, since we are a bit busy on a daily basis as mentioned. 😊)

Maskot 2019 interview - photo 2 Erika Donbæk Jarland, J-Popcon 2017

What is cosplay to you, and how did you start?
Our first convention was J-Popcon 2010, but it was a convention we experienced separately, since we only got to know each other in 2011 and since then we have visited conventions together.
For us, cosplay is a creative free space with social perks. We have gotten to know a lot of our close friends through the cosplay community and we developped a good social network. We are both very creative and cosplay gives us a good opportunity to explore new techniques and go about it creatively.

What motivates you to the role of WingGirl/BatteryBoy?
For a few years now, we have admired the different designs that the mascots have had, and we’ve talked about how nice it would be to cosplay them. Last year, the interest really caught on when two from J-Popcon’s own team cosplayed WingGirl and BatteryBoy. It looked so fun to cosplay someone so familiar and close to home as J-Popcon’s own mascots.

What can people expect when the meet you at the convention as WingGirl/BatteryBoy?
We hope that we can be a part of creating a good and cozy atmosphere at the convention. WingGirl and BatteryBoy are to very recognisable and important characters for J-Popcon’s image, so we hope that we can maintain the magic surrounding them.


Maskot 2019 interview - photo 3, J-Popcon 2017


Do you have a favourite thing from this year’s design by Kimikawa?
Christine: I’m definitely fan of WingGirl’s colour palette and then I love all the small phone charms - and the Ita bag with room for plenty more of those!
Sam: I like the colour contrast between WingGirl and BatteryBoy. I’m also a big fan of BatteryBoy’s amount of neon colours and the purple hair - those colours are awesome together!

Whare are you looking forward to experience the most at J-Popcon? Is there anything special that you usually look forward to at the convention?
The Danish Cosplay Championship during Saturday is a clear favourite! Every year’ it’s exciting to see what people have come up with of new ideas and how much work and love they have put into their cosplays and acts.
We cannot avoid mentioning Sunday’s activities either - J-Popcon’s own cozy show, which is always full of jest and charm, followed by the Craftsmanship competition, which really gives the finishing touch in terms of crafts!
In general, it’s just an amazing experience arriving Friday afternoon and get on with loads of people who share the same passion as oneself. There’s nothing better.