Daily Drawing Competition in Artist Alley during J-Popcon

April 11, 2017

Are you really good at drawing and thinking up fun stuff, then this year’s drawing competition in the Artist Alley might just be something for you! Each day during J-Popcon there will be a drawing competition at the public drawing board, with a different category each day. So simply show up, take a seat, grab pen and paper and start drawing your own amazing contribution. 

The best drawing will win a membership to J-Popcon 2018, as well as the honour of becoming the drawing of the day and worthy of decorating a spot in the Artist Alley.
You don’t need to be present for all of the event duration to participate. Just turn in your drawing once it is finished and remember to write your name, email and phone number on the back, so we can get a hold of you in case you win.

Friday at 17-18 o clock "Draw the coolest spaceship"

Saturday at 11-12 o clock "Draw the most unique robot/mecha"

Sunday at 11-12 o clock "Draw the funniest, coolest or most frightening alien".


The competition lasts 1 hour each, and will take place in the Artist Alley at the Public Drawing Tables.